Teni Lopez-Cardenas

Graceful and fiery. Feminine yet dynamic. Known for her swivels. Teni Lopez-Cardenas began dancing Lindy hop as a lucky fluke in college.

Within a year, she was invited to join the Denver-based team 23 Skidoo!, which went on to win 4 National Championships over the next 2 years.

Since then, Teni has become an accomplished competitor, teacher, and performer, and has had the pleasure of working with many well-known leads.

In the classroom, Teni maintains a fun and accessible attitude while focusing on the importance of connection, body awareness, and technique.





Her passion for the dance shines through in her teaching, and she strives to instill a sense of playfulness while encouraging her students to develop their own personal style.

Teni is happiest when dancing her heart out, and she loves to perform and compete.

On the competition circuit, Teni is one of the few unpartnered follows to consistently place in top Lindy Hop and Balboa divisions at many prestigious events.

She’s also really into Krav Maga.






For Private Lesson Contact Teni Lopez-Cardenas

Personal Website: http://www.tenilopez.com/index.html

Personal Contact: http://www.tenilopez.com/contact-me.html

Hourly Rate: $60  (up to 2 students)

Class Options: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Partnered Charleston, Solo Vernacular Jazz, Aerials (Airsteps), East Coast Swing (Jitterbug), Vernacular Line Dances such as The Big Apple, Body Movement and Awareness, Styling, Musicality, and Connection

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