So you’re interested in Balboa! Maybe you’d like to take a class or go to a practice! Or you might be
re hesitant to dip your toe into the Bal waters.

Perhaps you’re operating under the common misconception that Balboa is a difficult dance. Simply not true!

You can dance Balboa after one lesson! The more advanced moves and technique are a bit more tricky, of course. But expertise in anything doesn’t come without a lot of practice.

Balboa dancers are among the friendliest and the most approachable dancers you’ll ever meet! We’re all dance geeks who like to hug our friends for three minutes on the dance floor. And given the opportunity, we’d love to include you in our group of friends!

The only reason we haven’t yet is because we don’t know you want to dance the Bals! If it seems awkward at first, try not to panic. Dancing Balboa is the most effective ice breaker you can imagine. Seriously.

Are you nervous that you won’t have an opportunity to learn more Balboa or practice what you know? Got you covered! Weekly classes are offered in Austin with international champion Matt Mitchell and Jennifer Reed.

Bal Austin brings us quarterly workshops and the chance to work with visiting instructors such as Jennifer Lee, Shani Brown, Heather Ballew, and Jennifer Barnett.

Join the Facebook group Balboa Uprising and we’ll keep you updated about all Balboa news!

Balboa_BenSo: why Balboa?

It’s simply the best! It’s awesomely elegant. Or not 😉 You can dance to super fast music and not sweat through your clothes in one song. Your feet can move quickly yet with economy, making the entire dance low impact and easy on your body.

Balboa is designed for crowded dance floors and higher tempos. You can stick to the basic and play with your footwork in purebal, or break out into the crazy good time fun that is Bal swing. I’ve heard people say purebal is like a secret between you and your partner, a whispered conversation.

Bal swing is spinny and zippy and dynamic and simply a ton of fun, not just for the participants, but for spectators as well.


Written By: Jenne Mundy

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