October Balboa Foundations: 7pm

Join Jenne and Gianfranco for Balboa Foundations 7pm – 8pm Wednesdays.

The Balboa is an 8-count style of swing dancing that developed in the 1920s and 30s in the Balboa Peninsula (thus the name “Balboa”) in Newport Beach, Southern California. In it’s original form, Pure Bal, is completely done in closed position between leads and follows. Some of the dance halls where it first originated had strict rules prohibiting wild kicks, like the Charleston. Pure Bal is characterized by a fairly upright posture with both partners standing “chest to chest” in close position. The more “dynamic” form of Balboa, called Bal Swing, introduces fancier variations, which forced the “chest to chest” connection to be broken, allowing for spins, turns, dips, tricks, and other variations in the dance to take place.

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