Do I need a partner?

No, most people come with out a partner. We rotate partners in class every 5-10 minutes so you get a chance to learn with multiple people.

I have no experience dancing, will I be out of place?

Absolutely not, everyone starts somewhere and our Beginner Swing (Level 1) class will be a perfect place for you to start on any week!

Where are the lessons?

At Semeneya Ballroom. Directions are available on that page.

When can we start taking lessons?

You can start taking the Beginner Swing (Level 1) lessons on any wednesday. Check the Calendar to be sure we don’t have a break, or a special event like we have when there are 5 wednesdays in the month. Just show up a little bit before the class starts.

If you already have dance experience and want to join in one of our upper level classes, it’s best to start on the first wednesday of the month. If you feel you have the experience to jump in, you need to get approval from the instructor once you arrive.

Do we need to call or register ahead of time?

Nope, just show up with enough cash or a checkbook.

If I don’t want to rotate partners, can I keep my partner during the class?

Sure, that’s no problem.