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    Roland Alamraz

    SASDS Members. Elections for the new SASDS board will occur May 23rd. Below are details

    Location: SAMs Burget Joint
    Time: 6:45

    Available Board Positions: President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, Public Relations.

    Available Associate Positions: DJ Coordinator, Instructor Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Web Master. Guide Lines for Elections:

    1. Any active SASDS member may run for any position up until the voting takes place.
    2. Only Active Board Members can vote.
    3. Board members cannot vote for themselves.
    4. Interested parties for any position are encouraged to be present to represent their interest for the nominating position.
    5. Voting will begin once all present parties running for available positions have voiced their interest and case for nominating position.
    6. All members regardless of interest of positions or intent of holding positions are encouraged to listen in and observe the process.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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