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Do I need a partner?

Nope - we are currently only offering Solo Jazz classes due to COVID-19.

I have no experience dancing, will I be out of place?

Absolutely not! Everyone starts somewhere and our beginner classes are a perfect place for you to start at any time.

Where are the lessons?

Third Coast Rhythm 1923 Lockhill Selma Rd Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78213

Do we need to register ahead of time?

Yes - please book your class ahead of time in the "Classes" tab on our website. On the day of the class, you'll check in at the front desk.

What should I wear?

Our recommendation is that you wear something that you feel comfortable moving in (non-restrictive). There’s no need for special sports clothes, but be prepared to sweat a bit, especially when dancing to faster music!

We are currently requiring face masks - please bring multiple to find the one that is most comfortable for you to dance in.

What about shoes?

If you’re just starting out, you don't need to buy new shoes for Swing dancing. We recommend a lighter shoe that's comfy to bounce and twist in. Avoid sandals, open-toed shoes, grippy bottoms, and high heels.

Can my child take the beginner class?

Our classes are intended for ages 18+ or 16+ with parental consent. The pace and structure of the beginner class is not designed for children. Children can take our beginner class with a parent and they do not rotate partners. Though children are not prohibited, the experience is tailored to adults. Hopefully one day our community will have grown large enough for us to have a youth program!

What COVID safety precautions are you taking?

We have our COVID guidelines under the 'About' section on our website. These guidelines are mandatory. Students will not be allowed to take SASDS classes if they do not adhere to all guidelines listed above. Please read our mandatory COVID guidelines before booking classes.